Never ignore your inner calling


You often follow practices plonked by unknown others without even understanding the reason behind it because sometimes the curious beings are misunderstood as confused in our society 😉
Let me tell you a small story about why, “You should never ignore your inner calling”

Once a scientist carried out this experiment; He kept five monkeys in a closed cage and had put a ladder in the centre of the cage. And on the top of the ladder he had placed 5 bananas. When one of the monkey, noticed the bananas, he tried to climb the ladder, but the scientist shot a gush of water on the monkey to stop him from climbing up for the bananas. The monkey got scared with the water attack and went back to join the group. The scientist now punished the whole group of monkeys for the act of one monkey and sluiced all of them with water.

After a while, they started feeling hungry and this time the second monkey tried to get hold of the bananas, but the scientist threw him back too by the gush of water. And once again, all the monkeys were punished for the second monkey’s act by being drenched with water.

A little later, third monkey made an attempt, but this time. Even before scientist came to action, all the other monkeys pulled him back and beaten him up. By now, all the monkeys were scared of getting soaked in water.

When the scientist saw this, he took one of the monkeys out of the cage and sent a new monkey to join the group. The new monkey had no idea of what had happened. And when he saw the bananas, he started to reach out for them. The other monkeys pulled him down too and started to beat him up. That monkey didn’t understood a bit of it and thought that these bananas are just not supposed to be eaten.

Some time later, the scientist replaced another monkey of the old group with second new monkey. And, this new monkey too tried to reach out for the bananas but got beaten up by 3 old monkeys + one new monkey, who actually was never punished by the scientist and was just following others for “no one is supposed to eat the bananas”.

The experiment ended when the scientist had replaced all the monkeys of the old group with the new ones but no one now tried to reach out for the bananas 😉

You know the world around you sometime act like that ‘stopping group’, it doesn’t let you follow your inner calling because someone else may have failed at it. There is so much of noise around, that you just don’t concentrate on the inner calling. And by listening to others opinion you do agreement with yourself of not trying your skill to get what you want.
“You can’t hear to others voice when your ears are plugged with high volume of a music track. But you know with a little focus, you can listen to your own voice even after that loud music”
Try it out and listen to what your inner calling is telling you to do even after there are many outsiders who are pulling you back. You may just reach on the top of the ladder by trying again & again.

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