Wonders of Being Grateful

“Always be grateful for what you get, you never know when these will pay you back in a big way”

This is a true story.

Neeraj, a boy from a middle class family was very excited to get his first job after completion of his graduation in Journalism. He was a trainee with one of the production house in Gurgaon and agreed to work for the company on meagre Rs.5000/- p.m. Because, he being a painstaking person was keen on learning skills than earning money.

He daily used to travel 80Kms to and fro his office (by bus or taking lifts from others). Neeraj was somehow managing his expenses by borrowing money from his family and friends to meet his daily expenses and promised them all to settle when he will get his first pay check.

One day, a friend of Neeraj called up asking for return of his Rs.500/- due to some emergency and Neeraj hung up promising to return the money by evening. Now, like every kid, Neeraj’s last resort was his mom who loaned him some money to pay off his credit and meet other weekly incidentals.

Neeraj is a believer of the power of God. He starts his each day by thanking God for five things he is grateful for. That day also, he thanked God for the money he could arrange in time and moved out of his home for office.

That afternoon, Neeraj felt unwell in office and left early for home. He took a bus to his nearest station. When he reached his town, he could not find any ‘auto rikshaw’ to go home. So he took ride from a passing by biker. The moment Neeraj sat on the bike, he felt something is missing and started groping for the Rs.500 note which he had to give to his friend. Quickly realising the Rs.500 was not in his pocket he stopped the biker and got down in the middle of nowhere to rush back to the place from where he took the bike ride to again look for the lost Rs.500 note.

While walking back, Neeraj was feeling very sad and he couldn’t find the Rs.500 note. He was now doing the calculation of how he is going to pay all his credit and was annoyed of his negligence. The money was very important for Neeraj and he was asking a question to himself, “why does it happens with me”.

Clueless as how to handle the situation, he was walking towards his home. Lost in his own sad world. Suddenly he noticed a crowd in the middle of the road. He rushed towards the crowd and to his astonishment, the same biker had met an accident and was unconscious lying on the road mired totally red. The view of the scene popped Neeraj’s heart out and he started to tremble with fear.

Neeraj, just could not understand anything and left the place. When he reached home and told the whole story to his Mom, he and his family was thankful for the Rs.500 note, which disappeared from his pocket just to save his life.

“Always be grateful for what you get, you never know when these will pay you back in a big way”


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