Higher expectation=higher performance

“Higher expectations from others usually push them to an increase in their performance”

You always perform the best when others show trust and confidence in you. You often take special pains to meet high expectations (well communicated) of others. The rule works wonders. Today I am sharing another story about TRUST with you. On the basis of this, there have been many experiments conducted to see the actual results. You too may try this 🙂 🙂

Once there was a sculptor named Pygmalion in Cyprus. He was very rich but had no companion. Due to his ugly breakups with women, he hated all women but always wished god for a perfect woman of his dreams. Who he would love for eternity.

One day, an idea struck his mind and he started to sculpt a beautiful woman of his desires. He started carving the sculpture in Ivory. It had beautiful almond shaped eyes and a rich smile on an oval face. Its body looked sylphlike. And when the sculpture got complete it looked like a real woman, you could only realise that it’s a statue if you would touch and feel the coldness of the ivory.

Pygmalion fell in love with his creation and started to pretend himself as its husband. He even bought precious stone studded rings for its hands and silk clothes to clad it. He fell so much in love with that sculpture that he will talk to it for hours. People of his community have now started labeling him as a crazy man.

Then came, “Aphrodisia” the day of goddess Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of love, beauty and procreation). Everybody was celebrating the festival and praying to goddess. Pygmalion also wished from the goddess to give him a wife like his sculpture. The goddess heard and accepted his prayers and by seeing his expectations & trust in the prayers, she couldn’t find any one like the statue, but ultimately had to infuse life in that sculpture only.

When Pygmalion got back home late in the night, before sleeping, he kissed the statue as it was his daily ritual. But you know! to his surprise, the statue came to life and it brought tears to Pygmalion’s eyes. He thanked goddess for the desired life partner and they lived happily ever after. You see, “Higher expectations from others usually push them to an increase in their performance”.


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