Power of words

“You are reflection of your own words and you will always get what you speak”

The power of words is undeniable. Studies have shown that using bad words to scold someone can demotivate a person and just by playing with the words, same scolding can be turned into a challenge. You are programmed to exceed your limits and the irony is, words can even limit you.

“You are a looser” or “You cannot succeed”. The two statement said with different words will have distinct repercussions on a person.

Let me tell you a story now-

It’s a story of a famous monastery located in the beautiful white Himalayas mountain range. All the monks of the monastery were known for keeping silence for long years. And that is all because, the monastery had one important rule. The rule was that every disciple would be allowed to speak only two words to their masters when they complete ten years of silence.

Once a monk had completed ten years of silence and he was now guerdoned to speak two words as he wished. He said to his master- “HARD BED” and goes to silence for next ten years.

Next time when the same monk completed another ten years, he was again given a golden opportunity to speak two words. And this time he said “STALE FOOD”. And  rejoins other monks in their calmness for next ten years.

On completion of his third decade in the monastery, he was again called to say whichever two words he would like to say & this time he said – “I QUIT”.

Complaining doesn’t help.

“You are reflection of your own words and you will always get what you speak”


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