Pain is Good

You all know through epic cinema works that how much a successful athlete go through to achieve their goals. (Those who don’t!! may like to see, #BhaagMilkhaBhaag & #MaryKom). So what is that you can learn from such pieces of work on sports person, especially if you don’t have such aim to win gold medal for your country. I suggest, identify the “VALUE FOR CHANGE”.

There is a small story i wanna share with you about a sports teacher I know. This man, who is 5.5’ feet high with curly hairs and is approximately 50 years old, is a very good gymnast, perhaps not like #DeepaKarmakar.

He doesn’t have any dreams to #changetheworld or is not even aiming to do something with a bang to rock the world with his stories living forever. But, there is one thing he does every single day without fail is making many sports enthusiasts.

The last time we met was when he came to me for a counselling session to quit his only one unhealthy habit. He was telling me of his determination of going for morning walk everyday without fail and his disciplined way of lifestyle. He claimed that his will power is very strong. And was simultaneously wondering why he could still not quit only this single bad habit of his.

My answer was very simple and straight, identify the value for change. Let’s find out more about “#VALUEFORCHANGE”.

Whatever we are today is a result of practicing certain things consciously first and with efforts on practicing again and again became our identity/behaviour or habit, which is now unconscious and lead us to usually say, THAT’S MY MODUS OPERANDI”. For example, we consciously learnt walking as a baby and as we grow it’s an unconscious activity. You consciously learnt to smoke, it initially felt choking and now you may not even realise the smoke in your throat.

And for these longing habits/behaviours to change, you need to identify that attractive new thing you will get in return of this old stuff. Like a boy once told me, that he had quit smoking when his beloved agreed to marry him only if he quit smoking. So he did it for marrying her.

And the catch here is, we as humans always compare the input and output. So the value should also be more than the pain you will have to go through to change the habit, this ultimately works wonders. You may like to try the trick. So, excavate your heart deep and identify the lucrative value to start a healthy routine or quit your monotonous job.

And yes!! for the sports teacher, it came out with a lot digging that, he was keen on changing this habit, as his son is going to get married in November and he would want to quit his unhealthy habit before his daughter in law would become a part of his family and she should not have any wrong impression of him.

This reminds me of another beautiful quote, “#Pain is weakness leaving the body”.


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