How to have cordial relationship with anyone

Happy and Joy were married from last seven years. It was not only a love marriage but a fight they won against their own parents. Happy is a loyal and dashing man. And Joy is always cheerful and an independent woman. They were living in a city far from their parents and relatives and as they both were working they got little time to spend with each other so they utilised each second of their life being in love. Joy spent most of the day talking about how much Happy loved her and advocating about secrets of successful marriage. Happy on the other hand always spoke to his friend about how lucky he is to have Joy in his life who is very caring and beautiful like a celestial maiden (#APSARA). UNTIL one day ! ! !

When Happy revealed that his sister is coming to stay with them. Joy initially accepted the news neutrally and as usual, next day in her office she told her friend about her SIL coming to stay with them. Her friend then told her about bad experiences of living with in-laws and provoked her to tell Happy to put her in some hostel, if she wants long term happiness at her home. Joy and Happy now started fighting each day and Joy was unable to understand why is she behaving like that. What is it that would bother her when her SIL will stay with her. Her SIL is a nice girl and she should not feel that the same incidents will happen with her like her friend. She further interrogated and found out that these are the reasons-

  1. Fear of sharing happy’s time
  2. Expectations to share the then increased workload of daily chores.

Joy when started feeling helpless called her mom and told her the situation. Her mom simply said, “Don’t set any expectation from her to help you with the home chores as no kid ever does it at their home, neither did you. And your SIL is coming at her brother’s home”.

Second, “You must care about other’s happiness and the secret of a happy married life is contentment in both of the partners”. If Joy wanted his husband to be happy then she should let him help his sister to make her good career. This would increase respect in him for Joy too who will support him equally.

These miraculous words solved all the problems. Joy then apologised to Happy and talked about the whole thing. Happy understood her and promised to help her managing things properly and they lived happily ever after.

It’s with everyone. “Don’t expect anyone to give you anything, You first become the giver to the world and they will be obliged to return something to you”.


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