Why not to share your dreams

Why he didn’t share his dreams with others ?

Once a boy named #Ranbeer worked in a shop. He was a diligent boy who in the leisure time, used to study hard to achieve big goals in his life. One night the owner of the shop heard the boy saying in his dreams, “Oh! It’s my pleasure!”. The shopkeeper was curious to know about the dream and the next day when the boy came to say good morning to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, without even greeting back to the boy asked about his dream. Ranbeer simply avoided and said, “Nothing important Sir !” and got to his work. The owner became more curious to know the whole thing and inquired again and this time too the the boy denied. At last the shopkeeper threatened him to either tell him his dream or leave the job. Ranbeer just quietly left the place.

In a few day, Ranbeer  got a better opportunity to work at the house of a rich real estate agent in the town and was working very well. Until, one fine day when the shopkeeper came to deliver some grocery to the real estate agent and noticed that  Ranbeer  was working here on a better paycheck. Now the shopkeeper, got angry and told the whole story to the Agent that this boy hide dream from me and there must be something very wrong with this boy. The Agent now called the boy and asked him about the same dream. The boy fully determined not to tell it to anybody was fired once again.

In another week’s time, Ranbeer  got a bigger opportunity to work for the King Salman of his Kingdom. With passage of time, Ranbeer impressed the King with his industrious efforts and intelligence and hence got promoted as the minister of the state.

Once he was sitting in the palace with King and the real estate agent came to King for some resolution and noticed Ranbeer. He got frustrated by seeing Ranbeer’s growth and told  the story of Ranbeer  getting fired from the shopkeeper and himself. Because, he is hiding some mysterious dream of his. The King now pressurized Ranbeer  to reveal his dream in front of everyone but he again denied. Now King #Salman was furious on him and had ordered his army to put him in prison until he would say anything.

Few days later the King Salman gets to know that one of his neighborhood King #Aamir is planning to attack them. The King Salman is now in big trouble and started to prepare for the war. On the other hand, King Aamir thought of testing the knowledge and strength of the King Salman, sent two mares and a letter along with it to his Kingdom. The letter said, “ If you would answer the question, we will not attack you.

Question-  Who from these mares is a mother and who is daughter ?”

That day when the servant came to serve food to the Minister, Ranbeer. He told Ranbeer about the latest tension in the kingdom as he was doing it since when the minister was in prison. The minister knew the answer, “He said to the servant, go and tell the King Salman to send both the mares to take bath, “The one who would lead is the mother”.

King Aamir, got really impressed when he received the answer and sent a proposal to King Salman to allow the intelligent man marry his daughter. The minister was then released and got gifts of lands and jewels from both the Kings.

And then, King Ranbeer called, the shopkeeper, the real estate agent and King Aamir to his palace. King Ranbeer was resting on a bed studded with jewels and so many servants were serving him and doing his chores around. He showed this scenario to all of them and said, “This is what i saw in my dreams”. If i would have told you this, none of you would have ever let me achieve it. So I kept moving on.

You may also like to see this video from Derek Sivers on human psychology on this topic-https://www.ted.com/talks/derek_sivers_keep_your_goals_to_yourself?language=en#t-1282

Thank you for reading – MM


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