How to get results

“Quit trying and start taking actions !!!”

‘Try’ is a word of uncertainty and when you are uncertain, you mostly fall short of the desired outcome of yourself and others too.

They said,  ‘Keep trying’. And believe you me, ‘TRY IS AN ACTION WHICH IS INCOMPLETE’. For an instance, if you will try to climb on a tabletop, either you will be on tabletop or you are not on table. You can’t keep hanging in the air. Can you ????? That is what makes me agree to ‘Keep doing’.

Actions are louder than words, and when you say i am trying you are using words and not acting on the desired results.

You may relate with it. Specially you my friend ! For aspiring morning walkers –  When you are asked by your loved ones to get up in the morning and go for walk to get a fit body. You always procrastinate and keep saying, ‘I try very hard to get up in the morning but can’t do it’. My friend! by mere changing the words you can do wonders, just say to yourself and others, ‘I will get up every morning and will go for walk’. And i know you know that if you will do something for 31 days continuously, it installs a new habit 🙂 Rest, you may like to see the visible changes in your actions. Results guaranteed  🙂 🙂

Now read further !

He was not enjoying studying in the only school of his village. Teachers of his class said, he was below average as compared to his classmates intellect. All the teachers were not happy with his performance in the class and called him Puerile. And his classmates, used to make fun of him. The moment he use to enter the class, kids would start taunting on him. He was so demoralised that he lost all hope to learn any thing and has stopped going to school.

One day, while roaming aimlessly around the school he felt thirsty and headed to well to quench his thirst. While turning back, his eyes noticed the marks of rope on the stoned wall of the well. And he thought, when the repeated action of jute rope could make its mark on a harsh stone. Its very easy for me to learn thing by doing it again and again.

From that very day, the boy got determined to study and started going to school. His teachers and classmates were also surprised by his dedication and started to support him and within very short time he elucidated his acumen by his actions.

Today, we all know him as great erudite Vidvaan Varadraj. He is writer of famous Sanskrit scriptures like Mugdhbodh and Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi.

So you too,“#Quit trying and now start taking actions”


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